DNA skirt/accessory 3

DNA skirt/accessory 3

450 EUR


Upcycled hand woven century old skirt from the Balkans, transformed into a versatile contemporary accessory. 

 One of the main symbols of the handcraft is the Rhomb which symbolizes the earth and fertility. The more floral ornaments are the crops. The vertical side of the skirt describes the material world while the horizontal one depicts the metaphysical. The lead is the Stellated Octagon which symbolizes the connection between the earth and the sky, Axis Mundi or the North Star/Polaris known as the Guiding Star. 

Down to earth and guided by the stars.

Excellent piece of Art.

*This skirt was on its last breath, eaten by moths, burned by the sun and made more precious by time. It's original shape was modified from a functional point of view, trying to eliminate the holes and other defects that it had due to the 100 years that passed over it, prolonging its life.

This garment besides being a precious piece of history it is the proof of a long lasting garment that was slowly made to live very long.


Universal (because of the elastic belt)


100% wool

100% cotton

silk linning


elastic belt with metallic closure


-dry cleaning only


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