DNA skirt 2

DNA skirt 2

350 EUR

Upcycled hand woven century old skirt from the Balkans.

The burgundy background of the skirt combined with the pure and joyful colors of the flowers inspires maturity mixed with childishness. A very feminine and powerful garment.

Innosence and wisdom.

The very thick weave and the natural wool protects beautifully from the cold temperatures of winter. The skirt goes round around the body, easily adjusting different body shapes.

*This skirt was on its last breath, eaten by moths, burned by the sun and made more precious by time. It's original shape was modified from a functional point of view, trying to eliminate the holes and other defects that it had due to the 100 years that passed over it, prolonging its life.
This garment besides being a precious piece of history it is the proof of a long lasting garment that was slowly made to live very long.


M adjustable to L and S


100% wool

silk thread

cotton velvet

silk lining

hidden pocket

metallic staples


-dry cleaning


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