DNA skirt 1

DNA skirt 1

250 EUR

Upcycled hand woven century old skirt from the Balkans.

The main woven symbols on the skirt are the stairs and the stars. Otherwise, the story on this garment is mostly written with colors.  Red is blood, vitality and power. It is also associated with fire, love and fight. Blue inspires spirituality and meditation. It is the color of the sky and water, the deepest and the most immaterial. It symbolizes the truth and eternity, because the truth always stays the same. Black can be both the fertile earth and the darkness of the mysterious cosmos.

 Between this three main pigments arise the intermediate ones. Green inspires nature, contemplation and rebirth. Violet is the combination between red and blue, love and wisdom meaning sacrifice. White in Eastern Europe stands for purity and new beginnings.

The skirt goes round around the body, easily adjusting different ages and shapes.

LIfe on earth that transcends to the stars into the big mysterious universe in infinite circles. 

The very thick weave and the natural wool protects beautifully from the cold temperatures of winter. The skirt goes round around the body, easily adjusting different body shapes.

*This skirt was on its last breath, eaten by moths, burned by the sun and made more precious by time. It's original shape was modified from a functional point of view, trying to eliminate the holes and other defects that it had due to the 100 years that passed over it, prolonging its life.

This garment besides being a precious piece of history it is the proof of a long lasting garment that was slowly made to live very long.


M adjustable to L and S


100% wool

cotton velvet

viscose lining

metallic staples


-dry cleaning